The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children. - Nelson Mandela

UNICEF says: “Every child has the right to live free from violence, exploitation and abuse.” The child first of all, and before his weak entity, which needs care, protection and attention, is a human being, with his physical, emotional and mental entity, in every sense of the word, and in turn, he is the future man in society, and the future woman in her society. Therefore, if the child is abused in his childhood, He or she, in adulthood, transmitted this abuse to children in their families or institutions to which they belong, through imitation and practices based on violence, abuse, cruelty, or neglect, in various forms: physical, emotional, verbal, or inappropriate treatment Children, such as harnessing and using them in wars, work, human trafficking, beggary, neglecting them and depriving them of education and the rights required by laws, laws, and morals, in order for them to develop a healthy, healthy human upbringing. Our role in our charitable organization is: 1- Working to help mothers to give birth to their children in a decent and safe manner and with appropriate health care, as well as helping poor and needy fathers to carry out the proper upbringing and care of their children in an acceptable social manner, in terms of providing food, medicine, education and proper care. 2- Working to spread a culture of peace, respect and non-violence, so that parents refrain from compromising the rights of their children, in terms of protecting their children from being used in wars, work, or exposing them to violence and cruelty. 3- Supporting the culture of respect for children and childhood in our communities and our countryside, through seminars, books and stories for children, as well as directing teachers in schools to spread such a culture through seminars and school and media plays.