"Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding" - Albert Einstein

Peacebuilding is primarily based on dealing with the underlying causes of people fighting among themselves in the first place, as well as supporting societies to manage their differences and conflicts without resorting to violence. What contributes to peace? We believe that peace is more than the absence of violence. While the period after the cessation of conflict and fighting is marked by a return to normal life is welcome, stability often obscures the fact that grievances or other causes of conflict remain unaddressed and may resurface. Civil organizations seek to build peace by promoting what is described as “positive peace,” and we need to appreciate the factors that contribute to peace, the absence of which may lead to conflict. • The role of our charitable voluntary organization is the following: 1- Sensing the problems of the different parties in society, rural areas and tribes, and preventing the outbreak of violence because of them by offering proactive solutions, to treat what can be cured of them, before, during and after conflicts and to prevent their recurrence. 2- Ensuring that every individual or social group enjoys fair and equal access to the basic needs that guarantee his well-being and the minimum standard of decent living: such as food, clean water, shelter, education, health care, and a decent living environment. 3- Ensuring that every individual enjoys equal opportunities to work and earn a living, regardless of gender, race or any other aspect of identity. 4- Spreading a culture of dialogue, understanding and cooperation between the members of society and its entities, and converging views towards benefiting from the wealth of the environment and optimal areas, taking into account the rights of everyone to access their rights from these wealth. 5. Helping to ensure that people are safe from harm, have access to law and justice, are included in the social decisions that affect them, have better economic opportunities, and have decent livelihoods. And finally: these are the factors that, if combined, provide people with resilience, which allows them to deal with their differences and conflicts without resorting to violence. In the beginning and the end: all the heavenly laws call for belief in God, and among His names is peace, and the greeting of Muslims and angels is: Peace, and the abode of eternity is Paradise from its names (the abode of peace), so let us make the earth a home of peace.