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Sinja 08-15-2023 (SUNA) headed by Dr. Omar Habibullah, Director of the Popular Organization for Reconstruction and Development in Sennar State, held the expanded meeting to follow up on the improved seed distribution project in the localities of Sinja, Sennar and East Sennar, in the presence of the representative of Humanitarian Aid in Sennar State and the representative of FAO in the state, along with directors of agricultural departments and units and farmers’ representatives. Habibullah confirmed that the meeting discussed the means of grassroots distribution and the progress of germination processes for the improved seeds project provided by the Popular Organization in support of small farmers within the framework of humanitarian concern for these important segments to provide food sources and increase production.

Habibullah said that the meeting discussed with the project partners all the challenges facing the project and worked to find solutions to all problems through field monitoring of the fields for germination processes and growth stages to reach a good crop composition that helps in continuing the production process. Habibullah confirmed that the organization is working in coordination with all parties. Relevant and relevant to the organization’s goals to support the human mandate.
Habibullah called for the need to intensify guidance doses and field follow-ups to achieve the desired project objectives that bring more support for the development of agriculture in Sennar State.
He praised Dr. Makki Abdullah, FAO representative in Sennar State, highlighted the efforts of the Popular Organization for Reconstruction and Development to expand the provision of support in Sennar State, especially supporting the agricultural field related to providing free improved seeds to small farmers, which comes within the framework of providing food, paying attention to the humanitarian and societal aspects, and increasing production for the targeted people.
Dr. said: Hadia Abdel Karim Bishara, the organization’s agricultural evaluation and follow-up officer, said that the organization distributed 390 tons of improved seeds to 37,000 beneficiaries in the localities of Sinja, Sennar, and East Sennar, according to agricultural areas, noting that the organization supervises and follows up on all stages of the project through partners from agricultural departments and farmers.


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