"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving" - Mother Teresa

The Arab Women Organization seeks to urge Arab countries to pay more attention to the issue of combating violence against women in all stages of their lives, by spreading awareness of the issue and its various dimensions, and its social, moral and economic impacts on the present and future of Arab societies, and all human societies. The woman is the mother who is tender, the sister who is sympathetic, the daughter who consoles, and the wife who participates in the journey of life, and she is in the beginning and the end a human being full of humanity, like the man and his sister. By physical violence by beating and harm, as well as verbal and psychological violence, by a man who lives under his care, whether it is his daughter, wife or sister, and violence against the wife or daughter is common in some areas, and it is a widespread phenomenon in the whole Arab and Western world, and it has increased in periods The latter, in light of the contexts of security instability and conflicts in a number of countries, then the emerging Corona virus pandemic came to reinforce the practices of violence against women under the conditions of home quarantine. • Our role in the People’s Foundation for Reconstruction and Development is as follows: 1- A reminder of the national strategy to combat violence against women for the year (2009-2011). 2- Spreading a culture friendly to women, and combating the traditional culture of violent practices against them. 3- Enhancing the resilience of Sudanese women and their ability to respond positively to the various crises they face, whether security, health or natural disasters. 4- Working to help women obtain an appropriate amount of their right to education, work, health services, and social participation. 5- Holding seminars, giving lectures, and conducting workshops and courses, to raise the level of awareness of women and their families about their rights.